"You Should Be Ready" for Ca$h Out's latest single

Ca$h OutSince his debut hit, Cashin Out in 2012, Atlanta native Ca$h Out has been racking in checks for his popular Hip Hop club bangers.  But this time he’s ready to make a deposit in the R&B division with his latest single You Should Be Ready.

On this dark, sensual track, Ca$h Out puts his lyrical aptitude and hidden vocal talent on display.  As part of his upcoming project, Less Stress, More Sex, Ca$h Out seems to be making his way onto ‘Boom Boom Room’ playlists (don’t front like you don’t have one) all over, and You Should Be Ready.

Check out the single below.


Flash Back Friday: Remember when Ca$h Out freestyled on Sway in the Morning?  Check out his talent on 3 different beats.

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