YG Interview: Shows Bullet Wound, Breaks Down Lyrics + Why He Almost Got Kicked Off Tour

YG’s currently on tour with J.Cole on the Forest Hills Drive Tour, and we met up with him in San Diego, California, took a tour on his two buses and listened to some tracks off his Still Krazy album.

While on his bus (the one with the built-in studio) he explained why he has 20 of his homies on board. It’s quite simple — “to keep them off the streets.” And although he’s not making much money off the tour, he’s still recording his Still Krazy album on the road, due (hopefully) by this year.

In fact, he explains how his recent past almost got him kicked off the tour — until J.Cole stepped in and fought for him to stay on.

YG also opens up about exactly what happened in June when he got shot 3 times at his studio in Los Angeles.

“I got shot… I was on the balcony. Dude was poppin’ up. So it [the bullet] went up, it went in, it went out and went back in right around here.” YG explains while showing us one of his bullet wounds.

With the release of his instant hit, Twist My Fingaz, we had some questions about some lyrics and asked him to break it down.

“Hold up, I got something to say, I’m the only one who made it out the West with out Dre” (2:36 mark)

“All facts n***a, on wax n***a, you put Compton, I put Bompton on the map n***a” (2:48 mark)

Were those subliminal disses to other West Coast rappers? YG breaks it down for us (credit dillon). Watch as he opens up about all the above, his Still Krazy album, receiving 100 beats from Mustard for it and why he feels no pressure from his past successes.

Shot by Nahgee and Yinka Soda | Edited by YskskMedia | Original music by @Premesmusic

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