YG Breaks Down Relations With Mexican and Black People + Street Perspective on Gun Control and Gun Violence

Although YG‘s sophomore album “Still Brazy” rolled out rather quickly, the music and work behind it has been going on for over a year now. During Sway’s last interview with YG while on tour with Big Sean and J. Cole the Compton native played a few tracks from the album.

Joining Sway in the Morning yesterday YG spoke about taking his time on this impressive piece of work claiming he really has stuff he wants to say. Although political themed music wasn’t in his plan he tells Sway that he had to speak for his people using his platform.

Going forward YG speaks on his track “Blacks & Browns” and what that really means in the streets. Coming together to fight for the same thing is incredibly important even if people of African and Mexican decent don’t always see eye to eye. He speaks on being neighbors with the browns and sharing many cultural similarities as he tells Sway how he got connected with Sad Boy.

When asked about gun control and gun violence and whether or not things would change if more people had guns to feel safe YG quickly makes it clear that it’s not an option. “It’s deep,” he repeats as he speaks on people seeing their loved ones get killed.

Before leaving we had to have YG bless the mic. He steps up to the 5 Fingers of Death and tears it down West Coast style. Check out the full interview above, the freestyle below and read our review of “Still Brazy” HERE.

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