YG clowns Donald Trump In New Video “Jealous”

YG clowns Donald Trump In New Video “Jealous”

During a radio interview, the late great Nipsey Hussle stated that

“Once you start givin’ it a treatment it’ll get immune to the treatment and you gotta try something else to kill that disease So, I think protest music is important I think that YG was a genius.”

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey’s words are that of someone who believes that protest music serves as a direct tool in the fight for justice. Since 2016, Nip’s long time friend and revered brother YG has been very adamant and vocal about his anger against the current political party and has used his music as the outlet to get his point across. Starting with “FDT” feat. Nipsey Hussle  in 2016, and “FTP” during the height of the Black Lives Matter protest that sparked as an effect to the killing of George Floyd to must recently (Oct.8) releasing a Trump mocking video for his latest single, “Jealous.” Just six days after his highly anticipated fifth studio album, the Compton-born rapper stuns us with a Trump impersonator who portrays the money-loving, womanizing, joke that many think he is. 

YG uses irony and satire to depict 45 throwing money at strippers in the middle of the oval office as he raps along to YG’s latest anthem. Some will say that YG is not a political rapper, but he has consistently voiced his opinion about the debauchery and injustice that continues to happen all around the country. 

The latest visuals for “Jealous” serves Nipsey’s point, and highlights YG as a thought-provoking political leader in this generation of Hip Hop. 

Watch Below.  

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