YBN Cordae Talks All Things Hip-Hop, Debut Album “The Lost Boy”, and Dropped Gems

YBN Cordae Talks All Things Hip-Hop, Debut Album “The Lost Boy”, and Dropped Gems

YBN Cordae joined us in the studio to talk about all things hip-hop, his debut album “The Lost Boy”, and gems he has gained since being in the game. It was only right that Cordae started us off on a good note, so he spits his heavily talked about XXL freestyle. It definitely is an accomplishment for the young artist to be featured in the 2019 XXL freshman class but his transparent, authentic, and vulnerable nature as an artist-led him here.

YBN Cordae has been in love with hip-hop since a kid and he makes it his duty to educate himself on the legends that came before him and the history of hip-hop. Being labeled the “future of hip-hop” it is important for him to stay as authentic to his true self. It is refreshing to see such a young artist look at things through a wider lens and a different perspective than what we are used to hearing.

His debut album “The Lost Boy” has been the topic of all conversations when talking about recent new music. His main goal for the project was to make sure that it was an accurate representation of his journey from beginning to end. He wanted listeners to be able to step into his world through music. He describes his project as “soul food” something that can sit and resonate with you.

It was good to have YBN Cordae join us in the studio, great conversation and most importantly good vibes.

Debut album “The Lost Boy” available on all music streaming platforms!

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