WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley Discuss His Hardcore Career, Facing “The Rock,” “Hell In A Cell,” and Whether He’d Do It All Over Again!

One of the biggest stars to ever participate in WWE, comes to Sway in The Morning to talk to the crew. Wrestling star, Mick Foley, stops by and talks his hardcore career, fighting “The Rock,” and whether he would do wrestling again. The conversations begins with him discussing his fight with “The Rock.” Foley wanted “The Rock” to have a harder edge, and after him and “The Rock” fought he saw “The Rock” become a harder character in wrestling.

As the conversation shifts Foley discusses if he regrets any of his decisions in wrestling. “It’s no way to give a definite answer,” said Mick Foley when asked did he regret his decision on wrestling. Foley talks about how he feels like he didn’t need to do anything spectacular every show, especially the smaller shows, but those shows help you towards your future.

You can listen to Mick Foley discuss everything he has endured in the WWE world above!

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