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World Renowned Explorer Jacque Cousteau’s Grandson Phillippe and Wife Ashlan Tell Dangerous Stories of Swimming with Sharks

Video by YSKSK Media

How many people can say there are only 10 people in the world with your last name? But, then again the name Jacque Cousteau comes with a fair amount of mystery and makes you wonder at times whether he was a real person, a legend or simply a tall tale passed down for generations. What better way to find out than to bring his grandson Phillippe and Ashlan Cousteaus to the show?

The well respected explorer is definitely living on through both of them, as they carry on his underwater explorations and indescribable connection with nature. Doesn’t diving with sharks sound like fun? Interesting to say the least, it’s probably why Shark Week is so popular but we never get a chance to sit down with those divers that are getting the footage we all love and enjoy.

Watch as the two share a few mind blowing experiences from parts of the ocean most of us will only see on the Discovery Channel. Tune in to ‘Nuclear Sharks’ June 30, 9p EST.

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