World Premiere: L.A.R.S. (Bizarre of D12 + King Gordy) – “It’s A Hold Up”

World Premiere: L.A.R.S. (Bizarre of D12 + King Gordy) – “It’s A Hold Up”

The track is only available on Majik Ninja Entertainment’s upcoming full-length label showcase album, Twiztid Presents: Year Of The Sword. As you may know, L.A.R.S. signed to MNE this summer after recording demos at the label’s studio with renowned Detroit rap producer Foul Mouth. After label owners Twiztid heard the demos and saw the immediate potential in the project, there was no question in their minds that they had to sign L.A.R.S..

Twiztid Presents: Year Of The Sword is a two-disc set featuring every single currently signed Majik Ninja Entertainment artist – including L.A.R.S., Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked (and AMB), The R.O.C., Boondox, G-Mo Skee, Lex The Hex Master, Gorilla Voltage, and Twiztid.

“It’s A Hold Up” is featured on disc two of the set, which is only available with the purchase of the physical copy version of the set, not digital, meaning this is a SUPER exclusive treat for fans. Twiztid Presents: Year Of The Sword is available for pre-order now via digital retailers here (disc one only) and can be ordered in physical format (discs one and two) along with several exclusive bundles here.

2017 has been a huge year for Majik Ninja Entertainment. From signing huge rappers like Young Wicked and L.A.R.S. to representing at New York Comic Con and even announcing their own pop culture convention, Astronomicon, Majik Ninja is truly changing the game, expanding outside of the music world into crossover culture while growing more indisputable every minute. Plus, every album that has been released via MNE in 2017 has hit the charts. Every. Single. One.

  1. L.A.R.S. (sometimes stylized as Lars, a backronym of Last American Rock Stars. Originally known as The Davidians ) is an American horrorcore duo, formed in Detroit, Michigan. It consists of rappers Bizarre (of D12 ) and King Gordy (of the Fat Killahz). They are currently signed by Twiztid to Majik Ninja Entertainment .

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