World Premiere: Haddy Racks “Come Back Your Way” Featuring Audemus M.Eye

New York rap is continuing to rebuild its voice in hip-hop and Haddy Racks is at the forefront representing the birthplace of the culture. His New York Gritty album has set the tone for what to expect from the streets. The Bronx native emcee is taking time to ensure he carefully crafts his message in his music, and is pairing that with high quality sounds. That is why he linked up with highly acclaimed producers Buda and Grandz for “Come Back Your Way“. This song features Audemus M.Eye, whose voice took the track to another level.

Haddy Racks and Count RollUp

Haddy Racks & Count RollUp (Photo by Dove Clark)

When you have a signature track like this you have to bring it to life with a dope visual, which is why it took a while to really develop the right look and feel of what we have today. Haddy self-directed the storyline of a chase up and down I-95 from North Philly to the Bronx, with a cameo from superstar hypeman Count RollUp.

Watch the full video for “Come Back Your Way” below and check our New York Gritty.


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