From London to Amsterdam to across the U.S. and back, New Orleans native Blake “Blizzy” Robinson is no stranger to the spotlight and he’s hungry for more.  Blizzy has made his mark in the drumming world as he kills shows nightly with G-Eazy  while bringing an unmatched style to the stage.   Whether it’s attending exclusive events during New York Fashion Week or drumming live on Late Night with Seth Meyers, it’s safe to say he’s earned his nickname of The Freshest Drummer Alive.  This Lifestyle video depicts what it looks like when someone gets to live out their dreams, with Travis Barker and Questlove in his sights there’s no stopping Blake “Blizzy” Robinson.

“Being able to travel the country and perform in front of thousands of people every night is something I have always dreamed of doing. We put together our first installation of “Blizzy: This is Me” because I wanted to show something special to my fans and give them an inside look at who I am on and off stage.”

Catch the exclusive video below and make sure to check out Blizzy’s clothing company The Loyalty Club and follow him on Twitter @BlizzyLC.

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