Black History Month celebrates the lives of those who devoted their time pushing towards a future that allows opportunity, growth and equality for African Americans.  But the amazing life highlighted today did the opposite of most who took a stand and in fact took a seat for the cause. Who other than Rosa Parks, the iconic figure was born on this day February 4th, in 1913.

obama rosa parks

As you may be aware, the hard working Parks refused to give up her seat in 1955 when asked by a white man. You can only imagine how that played out, many would’ve turned away and given in but she was determined to make a statement. (Common courtesy would tell you that no man should make a woman stand if seats are available in the first place but that’s irrelevant and far removed from the way of thinking back then.) Her statement was heard loud and clear, sparking the local NAACP President to organize a boycott for the next day. Once the Montgomery Bus Boycott momentum began, there was no slowing it down until results were evident. It lasted longer than anyone expected (381 days) and eventually led to Martin Luther King, Jr. using the event as an inspiring foundation for his call to action furthering civil rights support. The rest is well…history, history that is alive and well through the efforts of those like Ms. Rosa Parks.

Lives that are always to be respected and honored – the road is long, the fight is tough but the dream will live on.

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