"Wither" Away With Tech N9ne & Hard-Corey Taylor

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

It’s Strange Music indeed, when Tech N9ne comes into town.

With that being said, as an African-American rapper growing up in Kansas City — finding yourself in alternative routes for an outlet to your creativity, is inevitable.

And that is exactly what Tech N9ne has done yet again, in his Alternative/Hard-Core Rap track titled “Wither“. The 4+ minute track features his friend, and hard-core music artist from the group Slipknot, Corey Taylor.

It starts off fairly mellow with acoustic guitar strums intertwined with a few of his dense rap verses. But before you know it, Tech N9ne and Corey Taylor take it from 0 to 100 real quick in their hard-core/ “Scream-O” verse.

The Strange Music, Inc. co-founder explained the title “Wither” and what it means to him, personally, stating:

” When you’re a natural nice guy, people around you pick at you with so much with bulls**t that you start getting tired. The good guy starts withering away.
He continued on, to say:
So when I was explaining it to Corey, I was like,
I’m slowly turning into an a–hole and I like it.

The track is taken out of Tech N9ne’s anticipated forthcoming album, Special Effects.

Change it up a bit and start a mosh pit, to this one:


Just because he’s an hard-core/alternative artist — doesn’t mean the man can’t show his emotions. Tech N9ne stopped by Sway in the Morning for the umpth time and opened up like he never has before. While in-studio with us, he tears up about his Mother’s passing and how his life opened up after. Watch the genius show you his real side, below:

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