Will Strickland Talks His Early Days In Hip-Hop, Cultural Currency + The Canadian Basketball Tournament “Full Court 21”

Veteran Hip-Hop enthusiast Will Strickland comes to the studio today to kick it with Sway In The Morning. Strickland has a deep rooted history within music, as he was growing up during the time in the mid 80’s Strickland was already creating his first mix show. Life changes for Strickland during the years he was in college.

When Strickland left for college his mind was influenced and opened up to a different scene and style of music. Strickland credits hanging out with Scarface really changed and opened his eye’s to a new perspective. Strickland discusses and focuses on the way hip-hop circulates. “Cultural Currency,” is the term Strickland uses when it comes to the circulation and appreciation of hip-hop in different forms.

Throughout the interview you can see the love and appreciation Strickland has for the culture. The conversation that he was with Sway in the Morning was beyond eye-opening and introspective. Strickland briefly breaks us down and takes us through a quick history of working with Epic Records and RCA, and doing the first ever online concert.

Strickland talks what the “Full Court 21 Canada,” which is the most unique basketball tournament in Canada, is and how it was originally created by Bobbito Garcia. “This tournament isn’t just about basketball about interaction and communication,” Strickland said.

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