Will Smith Requires "Focus" (Review)

Sway’s Universe was on hand for a special screening of  Will Smith’s latest film Focus, out February 27.

It’s truly hard to dislike the former “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” yet recent films like After Earth have made it hard for younger viewers to remember the greatness of Bad Boys, Men In Black or even Independence Day. Looking to redeem himself as one of Hollywood’s go-to leading men, Smith stars as a smooth talking con-man on the hunt for his largest heist.

Ignore the trailers. If you’re looking for a return to the action hero role that helped catapult him to fame during the mid-90s you won’t find it here. Instead you find Will playing a smooth criminal named “Nicky,” who’s managed to build a successful career by leading a ring of fellow scammers, as they lie, cheat and steal their way into wealth. Along the way he meets “Jess” (Margo Robbie,) who he takes under his wing and shows the ropes as she climbs the ladder from pickpocket to skillful miscreant. Also featured is former Law & Order SVU member B.D. Wong, who makes a cleverly over the top appearance as a high rolling gambler.

You’ve got to pay attention. This is a film that hides under the pretense of a action/thriller when in reality it’s a romantic comedy customized for the underworld. Two cons drawn together by chance and circumstance that happen to fall in love. The twists and turns had the audience both confused and amused, as the ending leaves you rewinding the plot in your head to figure out how you missed the smartly written twists.

Focus is not the film that will have fans clamoring for a sequel, as is the case with the long awaited Bad Boys 3, yet it proves that he’s at least ready to get back into the game.

Check out a snippet below:

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