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Get To Know: #whos_MikeB

Artist Highlight: Mike B.

Hometown: Koreatown, Los Angeles (California)

Age: 25

Living in a world of mass consumption and Creatives who don’t want to be working a 9-to-5/desk job — this Singer, Songwriter and Rapper has found the perfect balance in our new age hustle.

He goes by “Mike B.”, short for his birth-given name Mike Byun.
A Los Angeles native, Mike is a Korean-American who grew up in the midst of the L.A. Riots smack dab in the middle of Koreatown, Los Angeles. Having lived through the violence, Mike has found himself an advocate of peace and Korean-American empowerment in an industry that caters to the African-American community.

Although he has just begun, Mike B. is in the process of a vision that is bigger than what he can even imagine. Influenced by the infamous battle rapper, Dumbfoundead, Mike B. is creating his own lane of recognition.

Being connected to the young Independent Label called Platinum Standard, Mike B. stands firm in his stance as one of the first Recording Artist in the squad. With flows so deep, male and female fans alike find themselves feeling exactly what Mike was feeling when he wrote each track. His ability to connect with an audience that ranges from 4 years-old to 60 years-young, Mike B. is an undeniable talent that is sure to win more than the hearts of Koreatown.

What sets this rapper apart from many other artists who are also trying to come up in the game, is the quality of his lyrics. Mike B. has the natural ability to showcase his balance with his own mind, body and soul — and reflect that in each of his performances. It’s a sense of chemistry he has tapped into: one verse mixed with just the right beat, at just the right moment. And BAM! The ending product is consistently solid. His track “Crossover” from his latest mix tape Twenty04, is the perfect example of that.

If he’s not rapping about growing up in Koreatown – through the L.A. Riots; Mike B. often pays homage to the hard work of his Mother as he grew up watching her own struggles to provide for the family. That alone is always a hitter for music connoisseur’s.

Mike B. sings for the ladies and raps for the thugs. Big footsteps for this Artist, if he is being considered our generations Tupac (mixed with a little bit of Bruce Lee, obviously).

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Good things come to good people.

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