Who's Next to Who and Where? 2015 Grammy Seating Arrangements

Who's Next to Who and Where? 2015 Grammy Seating Arrangements

As Sunday quickly approaches and the final items are being perfected for the 57th Grammy Awards, we get an early look at who will be sitting next to who, where and allows our imagination to run wild with the “what if this section worked together on a project?” scenarios.

Jay Z Beyonce

As expected Jigga man and the Queen B will be sitting together towards the front but take a look at the legend positioned behind them? Stevie Wonder himself. Not to mention Common only a row back. Can you imagine what that project would sound like? Jay-Z verses complete a few subtle shots, clever metaphors and the “I am the GOAT” bravado with Common‘s perfectly placed purposeful bars. We’ll give Beyonce free will as her powerful vocals take ownership of any verse or hook she chooses to let loose on. Not to mention being accompanied by the skillful piano/harmonica playing, songwriting abilities and legendary sound of Stevie Wonder. Far-fetched? Sure. But you have to admit the idea would equal one of the greatest projects known to man.


This section boasts the talented Katy Perry and the one, the only Prince rubbing shoulders probably leading to a friendly discussion or two about who had the better Super Bowl performance and the experience of it all. Not to mention singer-songwriter extraordinaire Sam Smith a row away from Prince, Jennifer Hudson and R. Kelly within arms reach as well.  As amazing as the first “wishlist project” would’ve been, this one may top it. The collective talent and success that this group possesses is almost too good to be true. Can you imagine what the product of Prince, Sam Smith and R. Kelly collectively picking up the pen would be? Or a genre mashing hit between Jennifer Hudson and Katy Perry with Sam Smith on the hook would sound like? Incredible.

Kanye West Kim K


Kanye West and his dream girl Kim Kardashian will be seated next to each other as expected. Only a row in front of his G.O.O.D. Music brother John Legend and the always passionate Mary J. Blige. While this collective may not put together a music project that could compete with the previous two, it would definitely win by taking the short film route. As we have seen John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen in beautiful photo shoots, just as we have seen Kim and Kanye starring with Baby Nori. The combination of the two and Kanye‘s love of film/art, they could create an amazing film while Mary J. Blige gave life to certain scenes with her distinctive, intense voice.

Of course these scenarios are purely fun and will never become reality, it is just another perspective on what the Grammy‘s represent. An amazing collective of talent with endless possibilities, being celebrated and put on display for their creativity in various ways.

Be sure to catch the 57th Grammy Awards Sunday, February 8th at 8/7c to join in and support your favorite artists.

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