What's Next For Mayweather? Clippers, Bulls Win Game 1's and Steph Curry Named 2015 NBA MVP

What's Next For Mayweather? Clippers, Bulls Win Game 1's and Steph Curry Named 2015 NBA MVP

What’s next for Mayweather? They can say he ran but the purpose of boxing is in fact to not get hit and land more punches. You can’t run to a 48-0 record. They can also no longer say he was afraid of Pacquiao. The discussion of the Greatest Boxer of All-Time may be one with legitimate opposition but when it comes to being the Best Boxer of his Time, there is room for little debate. So, what does Floyd have left to prove? To who? Is September the end of an era? Will he really retire?

Pacquiao won’t be far behind in that discussion as one of the best boxers of this era. It was great to see Pac Man so loose and enjoying such a big moment (including a pre-fight selfie after being accompanied by Jimmy Kimmel from the locker room) while still being able to hit the kill switch once the bell rings. He tested Floyd in the ways we all expected making it uncomfortable during stretches but it wasn’t done consistently enough to win. After the tough loss to Floyd, what is next for Manny? What does he really have left to prove? He is doing great things back home and maybe he’ll increase those efforts post boxing. Although Mayweather may have made more for the fight, the real winners are the charities that Manny Pacquiao has already begun to disperse a large portion of his Saturday earnings. The boxer that often mentions his faith follows it with action that many will benefit from. Much Respect to Manny. We also wish you a speedy recovery following shoulder surgery.

Let’s switch gears a little bit and take a look at another amazing sports matchup that occurred Saturday night. The San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers played an incredible Game 7 that bounced the defending the champs in the First Round. Wow. The Clippers began the series tonight versus the Houston Rockets and James Harden but without Chris Paul, who was nursing a hamstring. Nonetheless, Lob City stole Game 1 117-101 after an amazing night from Blake Griffin (now 1 of only 3 non-guards in NBA history with back to back playoff triple doubles) and a mistake heavy outing from James Harden (9 turnovers). Harden said the MVP outcome didn’t bother him much but after the season he put together for the Rockets, nobody could blame him for being upset if he was. Something tells us he is going to rebound with a 30 point night in Game 2, definitely hoping for it as this series can easily go 7 games. One interesting match-up to keep an eye on is Dwight Howard versus DeAndre Jordan in the post and above the rim.

Chef Curry with the….MVP, boy. The player that edged Harden for this year’s Most Valuable Player is the one person that almost seemed destined to win it as he thanked his father, former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry during his acceptance speech. “It hasn’t even sunk in yet” claimed Steph, it would be hard to think otherwise as his level of focus has propelled the Warriors into a great spot to bring a NBA Championship to Oakland. But, there is still a lot of basketball to be played only time will tell.

Time has also been a friend to the Chicago Bulls as they seem to have hit their stride at the perfect time. While Chicago gets their players back healthy, Cleveland loses a key piece in Kevin Love for the remainder of the season. That causes huge matchup issues between Pau Gasol and Jimmy Butler for the Cavaliers, Lebron James can only defend one of them. Despite Lebron falling only 1 assist shy of a triple double, the Bulls were too much for the shorthanded Cavaliers who are without JR Smith (suspension) and Kevin Love (injury) as they steal Game 1 99-92. Derrick Rose dropped 25, Pau Gasol with 21 and Jimmy Butler added another 20…impressive sharing.

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