We’ve decoded that last track from B.o.B and London Jae’s NASA project.

A little while ago, Rapper Bobby Ray released a mixtape project with fellow artist, London Jae.

The project is titled NASA. Now there was something weird about the end of the mixtape that may have caught fans off guard. The whole song was in reverse.

Could it have been a subliminal message? What were they talking about to where they felt the need to disguise it?

Now while we want to play detective, we don’t have to. Someone out there took time out of their day to re-reverse the track and then reverse it again so that the lyrics and beat are clear enough to comprehend.

The track is titled “Kobe Secret Track” and you can take a listen to it here:

Check BoB out on Sway in the Morning killing the 5 fingers of death:


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