Snoop Dogg Gets Candid With Sway About His Relationship With Tupac

One of the true pioneers of West Coast rap, Snoop Dogg joined Sway In The Morning in May of 2013 and the results were some of the most in depth looks into Snoop’s relationship with both Tupac and Biggie.  Rapping about what he lived in Southern California, Snoop detailed the beginning of his career writing for and performing as support for Dr. Dre.  Putting in work and making a name for himself Snoop also gives Sway the inside scoop on what was going through his head at the ’95 Source Awards as he responded to the crowd at MSG.  As things transitioned into Snoop’s relationship with Biggie and Tupac the conversation became more and more personal as we hear detailed insight into his friendships with both rappers.  Sharing his last moments with both Tupac and Biggie, this is an interview that every hip-hop head should play through at least once.

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