Wesley Snipes Talks New Novel “Talon of God,” Not Working with Denzel Washington + Tax and Prison

Wesley Snipes stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about his new book Talon of God, his film career and discipline.

He describes his novel as an urban-supernatural thriller and explains that it is an extension of his 1998 film Blade. Snipes continues that although it has a fantasy approach, it relates directly to today’s society. The book focuses on showing, as he put it, “an ongoing battle between those of us who have compassion and an appetite for life and humanity and those who want to destroy it.”

The actor also let us know that there have indeed been talks of a sequel to New Jack City, continuing from the idea that Snipe’s character, Nino Brown, survived his legendary courthouse fall. Unfortunately, he turned down the role. He disclosed that he originally turned down the part in the first film as well for the same reasoning; not wanting to glamorize drug dealing.

Check out the full interview below and see his take on working more with Denzel Washington, how martial arts prepared him for prison, and his tax mishap.

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