Weird Al Yankovic on Co-Writing "Eat It" With Michael Jackson + Hits the Road for a WORLD Tour

Weird Al Yankovic hung out with us on Sway in the Morning!

We all remember Weird Al’s hilarious parodies of the industry’s biggest hits, like Eat It, White and Nerdy, and Toothless People — and now he’s in studio with us giving us the back-stories on those songs.

For instance, Eat It, a spin of Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Al told us a legal document exists where his name is signed right next to Michael Jackson’s — legally stating they are both co-writers of the parody!

But when it came to his funny twist on Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise (Amish Paradise), we heard Coolio didn’t find it amusing.

Weird Al has sold over 12 million records and is hitting the WORLD stage for a WORLD tour! Hit his website, to find out if he’s coming to your city. Follow @AlYankovic on Twitter for more.

What about groupies, and his honest thoughts of The Fun Boys’ hip-hop parodies? Watch below.

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