Weekend Playlist + 1: Migos 'Young Rich Nation' Album Stream

Weekend Playlist + 1: Migos 'Young Rich Nation' Album Stream

A lot of good content came out this week between music and movies but nothing that will quite set your weekend off like the debut from QuavoOffset, and Takeoff – Migos. A single tweet from the innovative 300 Entertainment sparked an internet frenzy as fans rushed to hear the album earlier than expected through a surprise premiere.

Almost owning the scene since their arrival, Migos has been on a nonstop rise because of the same fans. Now the anticipation behind their debut finally comes to its climax as ‘Young Rich Nation‘ drops. You can hear it just in time for the weekend right here. Once you press play – headphones plugged in or get your first listen to the 15-track album in your car, you may get a sudden urge to turn up. Don’t feel bad, Migos just has that effect on people.

See for yourself. #YRN

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