WeBuyBlack.com Founder Shareef Abdul-Malik Aims To Launch Soul Food Markets

WeBuyBlack.com Founder Shareef Abdul-Malik Aims To Launch Soul Food Markets

Killer Mike’s Netflix special Trigger Warning made it very clear that we need to have more black-owned businesses, not only in black communities but everywhere. WeBuyBlack.com founder Shareef Abdul-Malik isn’t just talking about it he is rallying the troops and looking to build Soul Food Markets.

For those who are not familiar with Shareef Abdul-Malik, he founded WeBuyBlack.com back in 2015, which is basically Amazon for black businesses. Dope right?! Now Abdul-Malik has shifted his focus towards creating a grocery store chain for black communities.

There always seem to be skeptics when an initiative like this arises around a black-owned business. You hear comments that are about customer service or the quality of the products. As a customer of WeBuyBlack.com, I can quickly dispel those rumors because everything that I have ordered is as high of quality as anything you can purchase. And I expect that to carry over to this venture as well. More importantly, allow me to quickly break down three of the reasons why this is important.

  1. It strengthens the black community. To have a black-owned business, in a black community, sourced by black vendors keeps the dollars circulating within. Like Nipsey says “All Money In!”
  2. It creates jobs. Apparently, the unemployment rate for Blacks in America is at an all-time low, but it is still double that of white Americans. Therefore the creation of more businesses within black communities gives more black people the opportunity to jump into the workforce.
  3. It allows other black businesses to flourish. The grocery store is the heart of the community. If you show me what the local grocery store looks like, I can tell you how the community is doing overall. So having a black-owned business run by people who have the eye for the quality of business will start to elevate other business around them and bring more value to the community.

This is an amazing initiative by an amazing group of people and we should support it. They are crowdfunding at the link below. I have made my donation and you should too.

To donate, visit https://wefundblack.com/projects/soul-food-market/#more

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