Host of last nights BET Honors which honored the likes of Phylicia Rashad, Usher and Kanye West, Wayne Brady joins the Sway In The Morning crew to share some recent news in his life.

Starting off by letting the world know some of the songs that stuck out in his childhood, Brady has no trouble admitting that he once sang a song from Westside Story to impress a girl.  We won’t give away the result but it is well worth hearing.  We also hear how Brady listened to hip-hop in his house even though it was not allowed.

Taking things to a more serious level Brady speaks on his struggle with depression and why he chooses to share his thoughts and feelings on the matter.  Hearing from callers with the same issue Brady gives out advice on making yourself happy.

Finally we hear about his time hosting the BET Honors and performing a freestyle off of Kanye’s famous “You ain’t got the answers” quote.  Oh yeah, one of the original 5 Fingers Of Death spitters we are blessed with an off the top freestyle from Wayne Brady who touches on the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Cosby, Bruce Jenner, Eddie Murphy and most importantly himself.  Check out both the exclusive interview and 5 Fingers Of Death freestyle below, enjoy!

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