Watch Nardwuar & Seth Rogen Discuss Wu-Tang, Strip Clubs & More

Generally speaking whenever we see interviews with Nardwuar, it’s usually music artists, producers and/or musicians. Well today things are different as Nardwuar returns with a hilarious new interview with the one and only Seth Rogen. The two recently caught up for an in-depth conversation about everything.

The two spoke openly about the Wu-Tang Clan, porn, strip clubs and so much more. Along the way we learn about the first strip club that Seth ever visited and his take away from that night of fun. Nardwuar even breaks out Seth’s 8th grade yearbook for some hilarious chatter as well. Have a look at the interview in the clip below and give us your thoughts. Stay tuned for much more from Nardwuar coming soon!

Photo provided by Nardwuar

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