Watch Jay 305’s Powerful “Inner City Hero” Short Film

Jay 305 ended his 2015 campaign on a high note with the release of his project “Inner City Hero.” Revisiting the project today the South Central native flips the script on a crooked cop as he makes a stance against police brutality in his home town. Taking to his YouTube page he had this to day about the short:

There’s a thin line between protagonist and antagonist in the current social climate. What happens when the hunter becomes the prey….when the prey emerges as the huntsman? The narrative of Inner City Hero is constructed from that perspective in the form of an avant musical. The killings must stop, too many innocent lives have been taken and there’s plenty of blood on LA’s finest hands. It’s time to turn the table and shove some empathy down a pig’s throat

What do you think of the powerful video? Watch above and keep up with Jay 305 on Twitter @TheJay305.

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