Watch how YG completely sells out a concert in Australia

We are providing you with a first hand experience on behind-the-scenes footage of YG selling out a concert in Perth, Australia.

Fire alarms/sirens, cop cars, thousands of screaming fans pushed up against the fence just to get a touch of YG. That’s what you’ll see here. Get a real look with what YG has to deal with.

Basically, Perth turned up for YG.

The best part of the YG Family is that no two people are similar in any aspects; whether it be style, voice, flow et cetera. Perth, Australia helped orchestrate in showcasing their right into not just America, but across the globe on a whole other level — putting the YG Fam. in a rare category of uniqueness. These guys have created the best environment to cultivate artists, and it shows how fans are holding on to such rarity in the industry. Check it out:

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