Watch Desiigner’s XXL Freshman Class Freestyle

After premiering his New English mixtape at a private listening event in NYC last night (June 22), it’s only right that Desiigner is next up to deliver his XXL Freshman Class freestyle.

Sticking with the black and white theme, instead of going acapella, the “Panda” rapper decided to switch it up and snap a beat while sing/rapping his freestyle.  While the flow is nice, you can really only make out one word, “Timmy Turner”, clearly.  Being that Desiigner was one of the most anticipated freestyles in the class, we’re not sure this showcases his talent to the fullest.

It might be a little hard to understand him, but we did catch in his XXL interview how grateful and humble the Brooklyn native is for getting this opportunity.  Watch the freestyle and interview below.

ICYMI, Desiigner introduces the “Zombie Walk” before performing “Panda” at Sway’s SXSW Takeover 2016.

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