Warriors and Raiders Turning Oakland into a Multi-Sport Winner + SU Play of the Week

Warriors and Raiders Turning Oakland into a Multi-Sport Winner + SU Play of the Week

While that championship energy is still flowing thanks to the Warriors incredible run last year. There is another fun to watch trio of Derek Carr, Latavius Murray and Amari Cooper that has brought new life to Oakland via its Raiiiiderrrrs. *Chris Berman voice*

Their 4-3 record is misleading. Two of those losses totaling only 8 points, meaning had a play or two gone in their favor this team could very well be 6-1 equaling a tie with the first place Broncos. The offense has one of the most promising young groups in the NFL, Murray the oldest at 25 while Carr is 24 and Cooper a leader for Rookie of the Year at 20, each Sunday their chemistry is growing noticeably.

That same chemistry is what put the Warriors head and shoulders above the competition last season, it must be something going on in the city. It’s infectious apparently because a group on the Oakland hardwood have a similar young core equally focused on long term success. Perfect balance of grinding wins while having fun with it (check their ring ceremony video), not to mention Steph Curry is already in MVP form week 1 of the season. Just in case you missed it this past weekend, Curry splashed the Pelicans for 53 points – including 28 in a quarter.

The league should’ve already been on notice but for some reason the Warriors still have something to prove despite being defending Champions. Something tells me Steph’s “I apologize for the accolades we received, we’ll rectify that situation this year” quote will go down as one of the most humble “Allow us to re-introduce ourselves” moments in history. Why? Because after extended summer months of film, game planning specifically for the Splash Brothers and countless coach only meetings the NBA still doesn’t have an answer for the Warriors.

Oakland might just have title contenders in two sports at this rate, don’t think the Raiders are just a young talented group with no real experience. Look deep in that secondary, you’ll spot the ageless wonder of 18 seasons Charles Woodson still giving quarterbacks problems at will – he leads the NFL with 5 interceptions. Combine that with one of the best pass rushing front fours in the league? Sounds like a title contender to me….

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The city of Oakland has the spotlight for the pro world but we couldn’t go without sharing our College Football Play of the Week. No matter how many times we’ve watched it the expression on our face looks the exact same as Miami beats #22 Duke after eight laterals to run back the best essay writing site here kickoff.

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