Wanda Durant Joins Sway in the Morning with Cassandra Freeman Who Plays Her in the Biopic “The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story”: She Speaks on Staying Grounded and Doing Whatever Was Necessary to Provide for Kevin and the Family + Freeman Freestyles Live!

The world may have known about Wanda Durant prior to her son Kevin’s NBA MVP speech in 2014 but they didn’t know her full story. Tearfully excepting the award as the NBA’s top player, Durant emotionally spoke about his mother’s constant work and support as a single mother as he grew up with a dream to play in the NBA.

Now a motivational speaker, telling her story to other parents in tough situations, Wanda Durant’s Lifetime movie “The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story,” airs this Saturday at 8pm. Joined by the woman playing her in the film, Cassandra Freeman, Durant opens up about her life raising Kevin and providing for her family.

Working for the government as a post office worker for 20 years, Durant didn’t see her 12 hour a day job as anything extra, just simply what she needed to do to provide for Kevin and make his dreams come true. Freeman speaks on shadowing Durant for some time before filming, the two seem to have an amazing relationship and their chemistry shines bright.

Using faith as he rock, Durant speaks on how she stayed grounded and kept Kevin motivated when scouts were approaching her early in Kevin’s teenage years. Durant’s story is truly inspirational and is sure to help others across the world stay focused and motivated to push through tough times.

Watch the interview above and follow both Durant and Freeman on Twitter @MamaDurant and @cassiefree.

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