Wale, Eric Bellinger Come Through With the Humble Brag in “One Reason (Flex)”

When you look at artists and their bodies of work, whether that be solo projects or features/collaborative projects it doesn’t take long to understand why some last longer. Eric Bellinger may not be familiar to most people as he should be just yet but the versatile songwriter continues to let his talent and consistency speak for itself. In the latest addition to a quality catalog thus far is his Wale collab in “One Reason (Flex)”. We all know Follarin is nice when it comes to love inspired music that maintains the lyrical balance with his original word play and often sport based metaphors. Even Obama showed the DC native love on multiple occasions…

These two make a creative balance hip hop could use more of it, they go hand in and hand on this slight flex.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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