Wake Up Show Reunion In LA on Sway In The Morning

Wake Up Show Reunion In LA on Sway In The Morning

The Sway In The Morning trip to Los Angeles was a great week. And it was capped off by a monumental moment for hip-hop as the core of the legendary Wake Up Show regrouped to talk about some of the most epic interviews in hip-hop, how the shoe came about and a classic cypher that you won’t want to miss. King Tech, DJ Revolution and Sway came to L.A. back in 1994 in continuation of the work they were doing in the bay area. It proved to be one of the biggest shows in hip-hop history that has put on so many of the great emcees of our time.

Juice has had some of the most iconic battles and freestyles on The Wake Up Show, and the Chicago native came back to show what real off the top freestyling is about. The second surprise was R-Mean who has proven to be a true lyricist for years, and is still burning up mics. Last, but not least was Bosco from Electro Spit who recreated the talkbox made famous by Roger Troutman.

DJ Revolution came with his unparalleled techniques on the turntables and gave the ultimate exhibition in our mix of the day.

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