Waka Flocka Interview: Would You Vote for Him as President?

The evolution of an artist.

We were all introduced to Waka Flocka through his music that fit the world wide “Turn Up Godz Tour” he just finished perfectly, it’s impossible to hear his signature “Bow! Bow! Bow!” and not go from 0-100. But, that is only a small piece of who Waka Flocka is, has been and is evolving into across the board.

While hanging out with the Sway in the Morning crew, he let it be known he was the first to announce running for president but just not in the sense you may think. More about the direct connection to the people and actually bringing awareness to what is going on right here vs. focusing on everyone else around the world. Take care of home first. A lot of people may be shocked to see just how well rounded Waka Flocka is, not only in his music pursuit but also the things that are important to him such as actually teaching kids things applicable to real life, ignoring Trump and his “marketing” schemes into the white house along with so much more.

In what was a great discussion from start to finish, it is incredible to see an artist that carries a certain image on the records have such a sharp mind and view point on life outside of the booth as well. You can’t help but respect the man and the artist so much more after this interview.

Check it out below and be on the lookout for ‘Flockavelli 2

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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