Wait, Islah is the really #1 and ANTI isn’t?

Wait, Islah is the really #1 and ANTI isn’t?

So apparently Apple reps are out here letting artists know what really goes on behind the scenes.

Kevin Gates stopped by Fam In The Morning to address and clarify the standings on his latest album, Islah.

He says that an Apple representative informed him that his album had intact outsold Rihanna’s ANTI. Both albums dropped the same week and once RihRih hit go on the release of the album it immediately beat out Gate’s album for the Number 1 spot.

The rep then went on to explain to Kevin that the only reason this happened is because Samsung had already purchased 1 million copies of ANTI far in advance to give to their customers along with the purchase of a product.

During the week of release, Kevin’s Islah sold over 100,00 copied out the gate.

Congrats to Kevin on his accomplishment. Check the album out too.

Also, ICYMI Gates stopped by Shade 45 a few months ago to enlighten us on pretty much everything under the sun. We all know this guy has no issues saying WHATEVER is is that comes to his ming. Check it out:


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