Viola Davis Drops Gems About The Oscars & Speaks on Hollywood and Actors of Color

Viola Davis Drops Gems About The Oscars & Speaks on Hollywood and Actors of Color

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Making history at the Emmy’s last year and capping off her win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series with an emphatic acceptance speech, Viola Davis is a pioneer for women of color in Hollywood.

With “How To Get Away With Murder” capturing the attention of viewers around the country, Davis jokes with the Sway in the Morning crew about her approachability. While she may play intense roles and seem on edge, Davis reveals that people’s biggest surprise about her is that she’s the life of the party.

The interview starts off with a pop, literally, as Davis laughs that she won’t budge on any secrets until a bottle of Moet is popped. Heather B takes the joke literally as she accidentally sets off a cork from a bottle in the middle of Davis’ story about Jared Leto.

From there Davis speaks on working for ABC, with a new president in Channing Dungy who happens to be the first black women to occupy the role, Davis praises to the network’s extensive list of successful shows.

Davis’ gems really start to pour out when the subject of the Oscars comes up. Missing this year’s ceremony due to being out of town, Davis says the problem doesn’t lie with the Academy but with the Hollywood movie-making system. Like she highlighted in her Emmy speech, Davis speaks on the problem residing in there not being as many opportunities for actors of color.

Davis also speaks on labels as she states that the only true label is the one you place on yourself. Her insight is clear, concise, and well thought out.

Ending the interview Davis briefly speaks on the healing initiative she is working on with Vaseline. More information can be found HERE.

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