It's just me & you with Long Beach's own, Vince Staples for 2015 XXL Magazine's Freshman Freestyle

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Vince Staples leaves us in silence. Literally.

Nestled in a modern day poetry lounge, stands the voice and body of Vince Staples. In XXL Magazine‘s recent Freshman Freestyle series, Vince poetically preaches on the ups and downs of growing up in the hood. From ghosts of his past and growing up in a fatherless home. It starts off with a boom, stating:

I apologize if I’m the reason you’re so never made it back home, he should have gave up the phone.

Armed robberies at Mayfair Park. The comraderies I build is with n*ggas that’ll kill…

Within the entire 1 minute and 40 second segment, Vince hardly takes a breadth in between the lines he rhymes — ending his part with nothing but silence. No echo, whatsoever. Watch this incredible performance by Long Beach, Calif. native and a now an undergrad. of the 2015 XXL Freshman Class cover, Vince Staples.


Oh and by the way, Sway and Heather B caught on to Vince way long before XXL did (per usual). In fact, let me remind you of that time this LBC kid came through and put down a dope freestyle in-studio over a classic Missy Elliot beat (Outkast, “Elevators Me & You“) that our own, DB surprised him with:

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