Vince Staples could care less if he is on the radio + Talks about his priorities at 21 & What happened in "Summer 06" at Norf Norf in reference to his album title

By Maria-Karmina

Norf Norf’s (Long Beach) baby boy, Vince Staples breaks down why he doesn’t care about being on the radio and what his priorities actually are at this point in his life.

Having been featured in the movie “DOPE” — Vince speaks on his upcoming opportunities saying:

We gonna try to figure out certain things …

We try not to limit ourselves.

He continued to tell Heather B,

(giggling) You get more money, so we might — pay some of these bills, so we can keep doing what we want to do with this music. Take some pressure off. It’s all about taking some pressure off…

As Sway recalls with his conversation with Vince at Soundset, he clearly explains why people need to pay attention to this Long Beach MC who emotively delivers bars in an excellently-crafted, socially-aware style.

The conversation gets deep, and before you think it can’t get any deeper — Sway confronts Vince with a very pivotal question regarding California.

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