Video: Puff Daddy's "Finna Get Loose" with Pharrell Williams

Today, Puff Daddy drops the highly-anticipated music video for current single, ‘Finna Get Loose’ ft. Pharrell Williams, exclusively on Apple Music. Fans of the song have been eagerly awaiting the video’s full release since last week, when Puff Daddy previewed a 40 second trailer on social media. The Hype Williams-directed video finds Puff Daddy and Pharrell getting loose in an underground club, performing the beat-heavy hit with a live band and dancers. The result is a rowdy, monochromatic blowout, with Pharrell’s rap-rock vocals hyping the crowd into a frenzied mosh pit.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that this is the guy that gave me one of my first big records almost 20 years ago. When I had given up on being an artist, it was Puff that told me I needed to be in front of the keyboard as well as behind it, and that is how N.E.R.D. happened,” collaborator Pharrell Williams says of Puff Daddy and his musical instincts. “He had the vision, and he saw things in people that people around him didn’t see. It is an uncanny, magical thing.”

“I’ve been trying to make this record for 15 years,” says Puff Daddy of ‘Finna Get Loose’. “My vision was to make people dance. A record that makes people feel good. It is truly a blessing. You make music to affect people in an emotional way, and it is really great when you affect them in a positive way.”

Following an unforgettable live debut at the 2015 BET Awards, ‘Finna Get Loose’ has taken the music industry by storm, returning Puff Daddy to the Billboard charts and inciting a social media frenzy. With over 2.5 million streams since its release, ‘Finna Get Loose’ marks Puff Daddy’s musical comeback.

Watch Puff Daddy and the Family’s “Finna Get Loose” ft. Pharrell Williams music video below.

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