Yesterday was a very touchy day for the folks for Chicago.

Video footage of police officer, Jason Van Dyke, shooting and killing an unarmed man by the name of Laquan McDonald surfaced for everyone to see. The footage was released just hours after Van Dyke was charged with first degree murder.

Protestors flooded the streets of Chicago and none other that Roc Nation Representative, Vic Mensa was front row and center participating in the rallies against police brutality. Mensa reportedly got into a small altercation with the Chicago Police and a video showed him getting in-between a separate altercation that occurred between protestors and police.

It’s touching to see that the people that have the platform are coming together and choosing to try and help people realize that there’s a bigger picture here. #AllLivesMatter

 You can watch the video of Mensa trying to break up the conflict between the cops and protestors here.
Here’s a clip of when Mensa was freshly signed to Roc Nation and stopped by SITM to KILL and freestyle  for the crew:

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