Vic Mensa Talks Mental Health, Why Trump Can’t Be President + Jay Z and Kanye Both Wanting to Sign Him & Dope 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle!

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Vic Mensa is starting his Jordan year off with a ’96 Bulls level performance. With his new EP “There’s A Lot Going” making its way around the country, the Chicago native is wearing his heart on his sleeve. Holding nothing back the project finds Mensa taking on police brutality on “16 Shots,” the Flint, Michigan water crisis and more on “Shades Of Blue” and detailing personal struggle on the title track.

Out promoting the project he stopped by Sway in the Morning earlier today and went ‘flu game’ on the mic if we’re keeping the Jordan metaphors going. Touching on police brutality, the tragedy in Orlando along with the presidential election he floats over the true emcee test, the 5 Fingers of Death.

Watch below and stay tuned for the full interview.

UPDATE 6/15/16

Before Vic Mensa ripped up the mic in his 5 Fingers of Death freestyle the Chicago native sat down with Sway for an eye opening interview about his new EP. Telling Sway that “There’s A Lot Going On” is a deeper insight into who he is and what he’s gone through Vic opens up about the powerful title track.

Stating that it was originally the intro track for the project he takes time to candidly speak on his battle with mental health. Open and honest he expresses that the track is intended to show others that talking about mental health, especially as a young, black man is nothing to be ashamed of. Touching on drug abuse and his creative doubt as he attempted to ween himself off of medication he holds nothing back.

Moving forward he shortly speaks on his line from the title track about Jay Z and Kanye both wanting to sing him. Although he doesn’t give up much he tells Sway when the conversations were happening and even cracks a smile when asked if he will be featured on Kanye’s forthcoming tour.

Being so outspoken about political issues as of late Sway asks Vic about some of his recent tweets about Donald Trump following the tragedy that took place in Orlando this past weekend. Explaining that Trump is marginalizing Muslim people he opens up about the hate that Trump continues to bring forward.

Check out the full interview and play through Vic’s incredible freestyle below again while you’re at it.

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