Vic Mensa Explains Provocative “3 Years Sober Video,” Talks Masculinity & Freestyles Live

Vic Mensa Explains Provocative “3 Years Sober Video,” Talks Masculinity & Freestyles Live

With the upcoming release of his latest project, ‘93PUNX’ Vic Mensa stopped by Sway in the Morning detailing further on the debut of his recent work.

A project that’s “separate from rap,” the No ID-inspired name for the group and album title, ‘93PUNX’ is an “extreme challenge conventions about the way people are able to be presented.”

Breaking down the video for “3 Years Sober” Vic mentions that the use of the confederate flag as a dress was to showcase the “ridiculousness” of America. Going on to later explain that his follow up release, “Camp America” is meant to shift the focus on the societal desensitization of the cruelty and harm inflicted upon black and brown bodies. These artistic statements are just some of many constant moves Mensa has been making throughout his career.

Highlighting that although the media plays him out to be a villain and has constructed a distorted perception based on controversy, everything he does is rooted in integrity and has a purpose. Wearing a dress has triggered homophobic responses coming from all angles, to which Vic says is rooted in fragile masculinity. Keeping true to his values hasn’t come without its tribulations – Mensa has been menaced with a $50K price to his head, provoking him to sleep with a gun under his pillow anticipating an attack.

Despite the weighty conversation surrounding the influence of the current social climate, Mensa’s approach has shifted towards self-care. He’s choosing to channel a “positive aura, [moving forward] with integrity.“

Receiving a surprise call (which in true Sway fashion was of course answered) Vic’s friends, King Moosa and James, both who are currently incarcerated, laid down a strong foundation of bars, hitting each verse with impact and finesse. Speaking on the prison-industrial complex, Vic places emphasis on his mission to continue sparking conversation, saying stuff that matters, that “[comes] at it from an angle that can be heard, not drowned out by beef.”

With the news of Jay-Z’s involvement with the NFL surfacing causing praise and criticism, the Chicago native states that although he hasn’t personally spoken to Jay, he believes that Hov is a man of principle. When asked about the controversy over Colin Kaepernick not being initially involved in this deal, Vic is certain that Jay Z has the best of intentions and is there to make a positive change in that space.

‘93PUNX’ is available everywhere on August 23.

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