Vic Mensa Annotates “Shades Of Blue” With Genius and Speaks on the Flint Water Crisis

Vic Mensa‘s new EP “There’s A Lot Going On” spans across many human emotions and touches on subjects that many artists have held their tongue on. One of these powerful tracks, “Shades Of Blue,” tackles the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Starting things off by rapping about the sink water in the city resembling urine he goes on to dive deeper into the epidemic that has fallen quickly in and out of the news cycle.

Joining Rob Markman at the Genius offices in New York, Mensa hops on a table to spit the first verse a capella. Sitting down with Markman after his brief performance they walk through the song bar by bar to decode situations that Mensa has experienced while telling of the crisis through his perspective.

During the interview one line in particular stands out among the others as Mensa raps about kids shooting each other with water guns, opening up the metaphor for emptying a clip of lead.

It's lead in the water gun, he dying from a full clip
― Vic Mensa – Shades of Blue

Watch the full interview above and check out Mensa’s 5 Fingers of Death freestyle touching on the presidential election, the Orlando tragedy as well as police brutality below.

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