Vic Mensa 93Punx The Punk Rock Album Effecting Social Change 

Vic Mensa 93Punx  The Punk Rock Album Effecting Social Change  

Vic Mensa officially dropped his punk rock and rap album “93 Punx” and released a 14 track album featuring Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, and Tom Morello. The album features punk rock/rap feel-good tracks that encourage having a fearless voice and being passionate about making a change. The album addresses topics like racial injustice and politics. The album is a punk rock album fused with rap and bars that provokes feelings of strong passion for being unapologetic, free and effecting change.

Vic Mensa doesn’t just create lyrically thought-provoking and captivating music that addresses the need for change, but tirelessly works to put himself on the frontline when it comes to social change. Mensa has a non-profit organization and focuses on providing medical help to the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago, provides mental health professionals in at-risk schools, and education programs that target the youth and provide mentorship. He was sure to mention that in his last Sway In The Morning interview.

The 93Punx album features tops tracks like “Camp America”, “3 Years Sober”, and “It’s a Bad Dream”. Vic Mensa stated,

The ‘3 Years Sober’ video is a statement about identity. I put on a confederate flag dress to be able to laugh at a symbol of hate and played tug of war with Mike Pence over birth control. I had my face written on to get ahead of everything I know people will say about me and had a diner full of BBQ Becky’s call the police on me for using the women’s bathroom. I know some in hip hop culture will see this and say ‘Vic’s gay’ (which I’m not), whereas if I was white they’d just say ‘he’s a rockstar.’ 93PUNX is about being yourself, fuck what people think.


Stream 93PUNX below.

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