VIBE Releases Colorful Video for "Hotz 4 Me"

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The Genre-Bending Hip-Hop Duo VIBE is back with a new music video for their hit single “Hotz 4 Me” from their upcoming album ‘Chameleon’, which debued exclusively this week on

The video features VIBE serenading their beautiful female co-stars when things start to get a little hot and messy and a paint party ensues. This psychedelic love story features the art of internationally known artist Jim Chelius.

This San Diego bred duo are poised to turn their demographic on their head by infusing rapper Chris Young’s lyricism with multi-instrumentalist Rossy’s ability to craft radio-ready hooks. The pairing of both musicians’ abilities is the ideal balance of pop sensibility and gritty rap. This past year alone the pair has amassed almost 750,000 YouTube views, with “Ready For The World” bringing in 350,000 hits alone, and premiered on MTV’s Rap Fix.

VIBE is also rapidly becoming the face of “Festival” music by combining live instrumentation with hip-hop, soul and pop. This year has been a big one for San Diego based duo, C.Young (rapper) and Rossy (singer/producer) whom headlined shows at SXSW in March, appeared on MTV, and won Virgin America’s ‘Social Justice Award’ in Hollywood.

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