Valerie Jarrett Gives Insight on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech Tonight

Valerie Jarrett with President Obama, December 2013. (White House via Flickr)

Joining us once again on Sway in the Morning is Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama.

Tonight, our POTUS will be taking the stage for another State of the Union Speech — and Jarrett gives us some insight on what we can expect. Quoting Obama, she says:

“I’m entering the second-half of my last quarter, and I don’t want anyone to lift their foot off the accelerator. Push down as hard as ever. and make sure everything we do is infused with possibilities.”

“Obama wants to step back and ask some bold questions,” she adds. “[It’s] a vision speech more than a policy speech”

Listen below as Valerie Jarrett also chimes in on Donald Trump, and lists stats of President Obama’s achievements.

Watch the State of the Union tonight at 9pm EST.

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