Usher Explains Why He Wanted a Sex Scene, Being Naked on Snapchat + Playing Sugar Ray Leonard & New Music

Video by PVA

Usher is undeniably a multi-talented living legend. From selling over 43 million albums to successfully playing roles on the big screen for almost 20-years — so it’s no surprise he snagged the role of boxing icon, Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming film, Hands of Stone.

Every boxer knows the golden rule is to never have sex before a match — but history shows, Sugar Ray Leonard was so confident in his efforts, that he made love to his wife before his legendary fight with Roberto Duran. While in-studio, Usher explains why he fought to have that sex scene.

In fact, this superstar is no stranger to nudity at all, just a few short months ago Usher posted a scantily clad photo and teased his fans with nothing but a smile on — and he explained to us why he decided to post it.

Getting back on the topic of Hands of Stone (hitting theaters this Friday), Usher details his preparation for the role — from getting into the mindset of a real boxer, to training and sparring with other boxers and naturally growing his hair to an afro — for an entire year. He also reveals going toe-to-toe with Sugar Ray Leonard himself!

Watch all this above + get some bonus music-talk as he explains how he corralled Gucci Mane, ASAP Ferg, 2 Chainz and Master P for his “No Limit” remix.

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