Urban Dwell In Luxury At L’Abbaye de St Germain In Paris, France

Urban Dwell In Luxury At L’Abbaye de St Germain In Paris, France

Summer vacation does not always mean a beachside retreat. If you are more of an urban dweller and are looking to experience Paris, we have got a beautiful way to do exactly that. Today we get a look at L’Abbaye de St Germain In Paris, France. This beautiful destination features room for four, doing so with two beautifully appointed bedrooms and three stunning bathrooms.

The interior features a uniquely French approach that fits flawlessly with is surroundings. It is sleek and stylish, elegant and artistic, while not being overbearing. We find exposed steel beams, and paintings while two-storey windows and white walls keeping things light and airy. Black wood flooring contrasts things nicely while giving a chic and fashionable approach. Ideally located in the city, you are close to some of the finest of everything including Laperouse, Ze Kitchen Galerie, and Restaurant Au Port du Salut. Have a look at this beautiful retreat in the images below and start planning your stay at L’Abbaye de St Germain immediately!

Photos provided by Luxury Retreats

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