United We Fight Leaders Kayla Reed and Tef Poe Continue the Push Forward in Ferguson 1 Year After Mike Brown's Death

United We Fight Leaders Kayla Reed and Tef Poe Continue the Push Forward in Ferguson 1 Year After Mike Brown's Death

It has already been one year since the Mike Brown murder in Ferguson, a time that will forever be etched in this generation’s memory as a turning point. How so? It marks the point for many where a generation says “enough is enough” beginning to create and implement widespread actionable steps towards change, starting first within their own communities. United We Fight.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and clearly won’t be the last, just take a look around you (Sam Dubose) even a year after Mike Brown. Injustice and certain prejudices have plagued the African American community for a very long time, whether some want to admit it or not – “the truth does not care about your opinions.” The protests in Ferguson were the result of an entire nation coming together and a community standing up for themselves making sure the situation could not be brushed under the rug. There were still attempts to taint it and paint it in very different way. Luckily for the community and unfortunately for those aiming to justify the inexcusable actions that took place, there is still work being done in Ferguson a year later to ensure: a) Mike Brown and those taken in a similar fashion are never forgotten b) the movement doesn’t slow but grows continuously and evolves into something greater.

En route to something greater the Ferguson Action Counsel was created and has put together a weekend of events between August 7-10th spanning from de-escalation panels to showing homegrown documentaries and beyond. The events ultimately lead up to the August 9th one year anniversary of Mike Brown’s death. Two brilliant courageous minds, Kayla Reed and Tef Poe, stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about not only Mike Brown/Ferguson but share with us the United We Fight movement as the fight continues one year later. Salute.

Check out the full interview below and be sure to visit Fergusonaction.com for more information.


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