Uniqlo Will Soon Sell Clothes Through Vending Machines

Uniqlo Will Soon Sell Clothes Through Vending Machines

Could vending machines be the future of fashion? They will be if Uniqlo has anything to do with it. Today the word on the e-streets is that Uniqlo is bringing vending machines stateside that will offer a range of apparel for the streetwear fan in your life.

While we have seen traditional vending machines for soda, coffee, and snacks, new vending machines offer everything from cars to, well, now clothes. The concept is nothing new, and Uniqlo has plans to roll out ten machines this month. These vending machines will be found in shopping malls as well as airports in major cities. Speaking on the concept, Marisol Tamaro, Uniqlo’s U.S. marketing chief stated: “We are trying to understand where we can be more successful without making a big commitment.” Give us your thoughts on the concept below and stay tuned for much more from Uniqlo coming soon!

Photos provided by C Wagner/Uniqlo

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