UL Ragin’ Cajuns earns Lil Wayne a key to the city…

UL Ragin’ Cajuns earns Lil Wayne a key to the city…

First of all, S/O to all of my fellow Ragin’ Cajuns. Because of their crazy school spirit they were able to get the Young Money head honcho to throw them a FREE concert.

It was cool because the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is only about an hour and a half from Weezy’s hometown of New Orleans so there were A LOT of natives in attendance. Growing up listening to the Hot Boyz and Wayne, I’m sure his whole set was nostalgic for everyone who went.

Sponsored by TiDAL, the show was a huge success. The amount of ‘turntness’ that Wayne exerted definitely contaminated the rest of the arena… That may or may not be because just moments before he stepped on stage, Wayne was handed the key to the the city by Mayor Joel Robideaux.


For those of you that are unaware Louisiana is a republican state and racism is still very prevalent in some parts of it, including Lafayette. So for Wayne to receive that honor, it’s a pretty big deal. Congrats to him and much thanks to TiDAL for sponsoring the event at my Alma Mater.


P.S. This is probably the most lit entrance Wayne had to a show ever… Check it out below:


Also if you weren’t able to attend, you may want to subscribe to TiDAL for the sake of the show. It’s re-streaming and for all the “real Lil Wayne fans” it’s something to see. They also just created and 144 song playlist with all of his greatest hits.

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